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Super Bowl Sunday Reflections: One Community, One Team

It's Super Bowl Sunday, the most-watched sporting event in the U.S. every year. In fact, due to differences in traditions, mealtimes and time zones even for widely observed holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Super Bowl may be the occasion on which the most Americans are engaged in the same activity at the exact same time.

We have no doubt many, many folks and families in our community will be coming together today to take part in this distinctly American tradition. Some of you will be hosting your own Super Bowl get-togethers. Others will be sitting down in the homes of family or friends, or perhaps a favorite local watering hole.

There will, of course, be many fans tuned in. Some of you will be rooting for reigning NFL Most Valuable Player Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Others will be pulling for the upstart Philadelphia Eagles, powered by a balanced attack led by All-Pro quarterback Jalen Hurts. Some of you won't know who's playing or care who wins — you're just there for the halftime show, the snacks or maybe even the ads.

Sporting events enthrall so many of us because we are naturally competitive beings. We don't yet know who will win Super Bowl LVII — but there will be a clear winner and loser. There are stakes, and there will be definitive closure when the final buzzer sounds.

Here at The Canby Center, it reminds us of our own mission — and the precise game plan we have developed for achieving it. In God's love, we are fighting poverty and working to empower families and individuals to lift themselves out of bad situations in a way that restores dignity and inspires learning.

It is no small feat. But we are forever grateful for the All-Pro quality team and community of volunteers and supporters who have joined us in this important work — it is one that would make any NFL owner or general manager jealous.

Because, at the end of the day, Eagles fan, Chiefs fan or anywhere in between, we are all on the same team: We want what's best for this amazing community we call home. We thank you for your support and for joining us on the gridiron of life.

Learn more about our game plan for the future or how you can join our team by visiting Have a happy and safe Super Bowl Sunday.

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