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Thriving Together 

Capital Campaign

Raising the Value of Personal Responsibility

The Canby Center invites individuals to participate in their own growth through education and volunteering in a compassionate community. This not only empowers families out of poverty, but renews dignity as people are affirmed in their capacity to grow and to give back.

Personal Responsibility in Action

How We Cultivate Personal Responsibility


Noah's Story

“I started volunteering because I had to complete some community service hours, but I continued because I feel a new purpose in helping. I have made new friends and found a supportive community at The Canby Center.  I feel like a new person with a sense of belonging with people who understand me and my situation without judgment."

*Real name and photo withheld for member confidentiality.

Community champions, like you, are building a future that will alleviate poverty in Canby and beyond.
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