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Reading Mentors

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Reading Mentors

Mentores de Lectura

Reading Mentors inspires a love of reading by providing students with their own library of books and consistent, one-on-one reading

with a caring adult.

Kids who read for fun,
read to learn!

Reading Mentors Volunteer Roles

Weekly Mentor

  • Commit to a 1-hour reading time each week

  • Read with students on-site at Canby elementary schools

Substitute Mentor

  • Commit to fill in for Weekly Mentors as able


Lead Mentor

  • ​Oversee a weekly reading session at your designated school

  • Schedule Substitute Mentors


Assistant Lead Mentor

  • A Weekly Mentor who fills in for the Lead Mentor as needed

Volunteer for Summer Book Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of training will The Canby Center provide to mentors?

  • Prior to their first reading session with a child, Reading Mentors will be provided with all the training they need. This includes school specific orientation, safety measures, reading tips, and more. 

What is the time commitment?

  • Weekly Mentors commit to a 1-hour reading time each week, through the 2023-2024 academic year.


What if I want to volunteer but am not available weekly?

  • You can be a Substitute Mentor, filling in for Weekly Mentors as needed.

How are students selected for this program?

  • Since principals and other school staff are most familiar with the needs of their individual students, we believe that they are best qualified to identify the students who are likely to benefit from our model of support. School staff select students they think will benefit from the program.

“The Reading Mentor volunteers are making a huge difference in our students’ lives!” - Canby School District Teacher

Do you love reading and have a heart for children? You have what it takes to be a great Reading Mentor!

Are you interested?

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