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Planned Giving

Personal and rich with meaning, The Canby Center is honored to steward your planned giving.

What is Planned Giving?

A planned gift is any major gift, made before or after a donor's passing as a component of their estate planning.  Gift types include cash, equity, and property.

 Legacy of Hope

Give us a call for help in getting your estate in order.  We can connect you with trusted professionals and tools to help you get organized.



Simple and popular, a bequest is a written statement in a donor’s will directing all or part of the estate to be transferred to the Canby Center upon the donor’s death. 


Cash, Stock,  Real Estate, Vehicles

Gifts of assets given for the current use of the Canby Center

Insurance Agent

Life Insurance,  IRA

Name the Canby Center as the beneficiary for all or part of the proceeds of the plan or policy. 

Investment Chart

Charitable Gift Annuity

A simple contract between the Canby Center and the donor where the donor makes a gift to the Canby Center.  In return, TCC agrees to pay a fixed amount of money each year for the lifetime of one or two individuals. 

Contract Review



A charitable trust is a set of assets -- usually liquid -- that a donor signs over or uses to create a charitable foundation. The assets are held and managed by The Canby Center for a specified period of time, with some or all interest that the assets produce going to the charity.


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