The Canby Center (TCC) has worked in partnership with the Church in Canby since March 17th, 2008 to assist youth and families. The Canby Center served over 700 community members in its first year.  Begun by 5 churches TCC is now partnering with over 20 churches, over 20 foundations, over 30 local businesses and service clubs, and over 500 individuals.  Our goal is a community where Christ followers use their God given talents and passions for the glory of God while meeting the needs of others. The result of the Church coming together in unity for a single goal is a community that sees the love of Christ.

To implement the teachings of Jesus Christ, a group of Christ Followers wanted to encourage the members of their congregation to get off the church pews and into the community. They wanted to make a real difference in Canby, while bringing glory to God. The birth of the “Vision” that started The Canby Center was directed at reaching people in our area with the love of Christ. The goal was to impact lives spiritually by showing them the heart of God in tangible ways.

They learned about an empty warehouse next to Canby High School. As they stood outside and pondered the possibilities, they asked God to take their “mustard seed” of faith, and make it grow into something that would reach hundreds, maybe even thousands of lives. The other churches were approached and five signed on to be a part of this outreach.

The warehouse was secured, a non-profit established and the board of directors developed the mission and core values. In October 2007 the Board hired an Executive Director.

To serve as a catalyst for transformation of its community, TCC continues to open its doors to extend a hand up to those in our community that have a need.  We look to serve every person with dignity, respect, and love.

Beginning in 2016, TCC began a refocusing of the organization built on a revitalized and clarified mission. At the center of TCC’s mission is helping youth and families overcome the barriers that hinder their education, well-being, and a bright future.  Our holistic and relational approach in a loving environment aims to renew personal dignity and strengthen faith in a loving community.

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