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The Canby Center Announces Public Phase of Largest-Ever Expansion to Serve Our Community

The Canby Center has some exciting news to share — and we need your help.

Starting today, The Canby Center is launching a 90-day, $800,000 fundraising campaign, which will allow us to complete the most significant expansion in our history and enable us to serve the growing needs in our community — now and for decades to come.

This campaign will make it possible to renovate and more than triple our existing space on Southwest 2nd Avenue, adding 11,000 square feet for food distribution, classrooms, a job center, offices and more. It will also open the door to expanding our highly successful Thriving Together program, launching our new Growing Together program and deepening our partnerships with other fantastic organizations that are also serving our community.

The bottom line: Thanks to your support of this campaign, The Canby Center will be able to serve hundreds more local youths and families in the years ahead.

But this campaign is about raising much more than a building. The work of The Canby Center is truly about raising individuals, youths and families out of the destructive patterns of generational poverty through the transformative power of God's love, relationships and personal responsibility. And with this campaign, we will be able to continue to do just that — and so much more.

Because, at the end of the day, our mission is not to raise a building, but to raise up our community and all of the people we serve.

Through God's blessing and the incredible support of businesses, organizations and individual donors both within and outside our community, The Canby Center has raised more than $7 million for this project to date — nearly 90% of our total campaign goal.

Coming at a time of unprecedented economic and societal challenges for our community, state and nation, the success of this campaign so far is evidence of The Canby Center's well-deserved reputation for fiscal responsibility, strong partnerships and effective ministry — as well as the matchless generosity and selflessness that is at the heart of Canby.

But our work is not yet done. With your help and support, we must press on, completing the race set before us, to ensure The Canby Center is able to achieve its mission of lifting families out of poverty — as we continue to work together in making poverty itself a thing of the past.

In the weeks ahead, we will be sharing much more about the importance of this campaign and the transformative impact it will have on our community. We will also be giving you an unprecedented look inside the ongoing work at The Canby Center, including the need for more space and the life-changing impacts we are already making for the families we serve.

We will continue to share news about this critical expansion with our community in the coming weeks, but if you’d like to subscribe to our dedicated newsletter for updates about this project, please do so here. And please visit our website at to learn more about this exciting project how you can join in making it even better.

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