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Raising Families
Out of Poverty

The Canby Center is committed to the task of alleviating poverty in and beyond our community. We do this by meeting people at their point of need, providing tangible help for immediate concerns, and empowering them to find long-term poverty relief through educational and relational support.

Did you know?


of those living at or below the poverty line in Clackamas County are actively employed


of our Canby neighbors qualify as food insecure, lacking consistent access to nutritious food.


youth in the Canby School District experience an unstable home environment.


How We Empower Families out of Poverty

It is difficult to plan for the future when you have an immediate need for food, clothing, or housing. Many of our families come to The Canby Center needing immediate relief of some sort. The Canby Center stands ready to address these needs through our programs and local partnerships. Access to food and clothing at no-cost is the first step in providing relief for families who may be struggling to make ends meet.

Adele's Story


When Adele first came to The Canby Center, the emotional toll of an abusive home had left her quiet and closed off. She came for basic helps of food through harvest share and financial assistance for a few utility bills. As a participant in the Thriving Together program, she came to TCC each month to complete her volunteer hour. Over time, she discovered that TCC was not just a safe space, but a place of renewal. Adele found she loved to serve in our clothing closet, helping people find the items they were looking for. Over time, her communication skills and confidence blossomed. Eventually, she felt ready to make a change, leave the environment she was in, and look for a job. She started exploring job resources with TCC and was able to find a stable job. Adele shared that if it weren’t for helping people with the clothing share, she wouldn’t have the communication skills she needs to help her be successful in her job interacting with customers. Today, Adele is hopeful for the future and has found a community to be a part of.

Community champions, like you, are building a future that will alleviate poverty in Canby and beyond.

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