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COVID-19 Response

In response to COVID-19, The Canby Center is dedicated to:
  • Ensuring that all people in the Canby Community have access to healthy food by planning ahead and actively working through obstacles that Covid-19  presents. 

  • Sharing community resources and a safe space.

  • Helping families take steps toward better economic, physical, and spiritual health.


Please follow CDC COVID-19 public health recommendations 

to limit COVID-19 exposure. 

Affected by Covid-19 Related economic loss?:

  • Help is available for Rent/Utilities in certain circumstances.  Please call our office at 503.266.2920 During normal Business Hours

Donating Food during COVID-19:

  • Office Hours: You are welcome to drop off food donations during our office hours Monday-Thursday 11:00am - 5:00pm. Please ring the doorbell or call ahead for us to come receive your donation.

  • Green Harvest Share Bins: If you are not able to drop off food during our office hours, please feel free to drop off all non-refrigerated food donations in the Green Harvest Share Bins right in fron of our building.

For a list of our Current Food Donation needs, click here.

Options for receiving food amid COVID-19 concerns:

  • Free Lunches: Available to anyone, Monday through Friday 11am to 5pm.

  • Ongoing Help: You may sign up to become a Thriving Together Program Member accessing 4 food pantry shopping times per month.  Most families save hundreds of dollars a month.  The food is picked up via drive up with your car either Tuesdays or Saturdays.  Walk-up pick up is also available.

  • One-Time Help: If you only need one-time help with food, you can stop by the Canby Center for a food box or Free Lunches.

Service Area

We welcome all who live

inside our service area.

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